Healthy Moms Bingo

I wanted to share this quick post with you about informationĀ  I received in an email fromĀ MomsRising . They are celebrating National Women’s Health Week by playing Healthy Moms BINGO! The MomsRising BINGO card lists 25 simple, healthy activities which are small, important steps to be taken by all to live healthier lives.

Healthy Moms Bingo picture
Healthy Moms Bingo picture

If you share the pictures of your progress you may win a prize! The first 50 members to share photos of their BINGO card progress will get a FREE MomsRising water bottle. To participate, just share pictures of you and your BINGO card, or of you doing one of the activities from the Healthy Moms BINGO card, on their MomsRising’s Facebook page.

It was pointed out that taking care of our health is easier and more affordable than ever. With the new health care protections, most preventive care is available with no additional co-pay! These useful resources were shared as well for you to learn more about health insurance, healthy living, and children’s healthcare at the following three websites:

  1. www.HealthCare.Gov
  2. www.LetsMove.Gov
  3. www.InsureKidsNow.Gov


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