Common Problems During Pregnancy

nausea and vomiting

Being pregnant is an exciting time for any woman, but it can seem like a nightmare sometimes with all the discomforts and body changes happening. Each woman is unique and may not suffer from all these ailments. Others will have discomfort for only a short amount of time and some will feel it during the entire pregnancy. Here are some of the most common problems and how you can treat them.

Nausea and vomiting are the most common discomforts suffered by women. Although called “morning sickness,” it is not only limited to the morning hours. Vomiting can occur throughout the entire day. It typically lasts the first three months of pregnancy. Eat dry foods like cereal, toast, and crackers in the morning or try eating a high protein snack before bed. Eat small meals throughout the day, rather than three large meals and sip on clear fluids.

Dizziness typically occurs during the middle and late stages of pregnancy. The hormone progesterone dilates blood vessels, causing blood to pool in your legs. Also, more blood is being sent to your growing uterus and can cause a decrease in blood pressure. Not eating properly is another cause and low blood sugar will make you feel faint. If standing for long periods of time, move around and move more slowly when going from a sitting position to standing up.

The increased blood flow to your uterus can also lead to varicose veins. Again, try to move around and don’t stay in any one position for too long. Avoid crossing your legs which can cut off circulation. When sitting, elevate your legs and feet and exercise regularly. Compression socks and compression hose can also be worn to help increase the blood flow to your legs. Compression hose will also treat frequent leg cramps. Just don’t wear hose that is too tight. Avoid lying on your back and stretch your legs before going to bed. Compression hose is an accepted medical solution so your insurance may cover the cost -compression socks and hose are much more expensive than typical pantyhose.

Maternity support belts are a wonderful solution to many common pregnancy ailments. There are a few different types which all suit different needs. Maternity support belts and maternity support girdles can relieve lower back pain, reduce bladder pressure, improve circulation to reduce the risk of varicose vein development, and allow for greater comfort during exercise. Some are simple pelvic wraps, while others are over-the-shoulder for belly support. The type you choose should reflect the symptoms you are suffering. Just like compression hose, these are medically accepted devices and you should inquire about insurance coverage.

Pregnancy is a joyous, yet difficult experience for women. Always talk to your doctor about prolonged symptoms you are having and seek recommendations for treatments. With a few pieces of advice and products such as pregnancy belts, you can have a more comfortable and happy pregnancy. is your online source for all compression hosiery needs. From jobst support socks to varicose veins stockings we got it at the best price available.

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