Pregnancy and Weight Gain

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Stretch marks, pregnancy and weight gain unfortunately go hand in hand for many women. This is a period of extreme change for your body, and a number of factors can cause your skin to become more susceptible to breakage. However, armed with the right information there are a number of steps you can take to help reduce the chances of developing them during pregnancy.

Why Do Stretch Marks/ Pregnancy Go Hand in Hand?

The most obvious reason for developing them during pregnancy is down to the fact that your skin stretches a great deal to accommodate the growing baby. For this reason, they are extremely common especially after the sixth month of pregnancy.

Stretch marks don’t just occur in pregnancy due to changes in the size of your body, however -your hormones also have a very important role to play. This is why they occur in areas such as the hips, buttocks, arms and thighs as well as the lower abdomen (stomach) and breasts.

Your body starts to develop these hormones throughout pregnancy to prepare your body for the birth. Certain hormones designed to soften the ligaments in your pelvis, to help you deliver your baby, can also soften the fibers of your skin. Unfortunately this will make you far more prone to them even if you take steps to avoid them.

Though between 50-90 percent of pregnant women will go on to develop them during pregnancy (particularly in the later stages) there are certain factors that can make it more likely:
• Family history – if your sister or mother got them, you will be more likely to;
• Diet – if you stick to a healthy, well balanced diet the nutrition will help to protect your skin against stretch marks;
• Weight – if you tend to gain weight rapidly (and do so during pregnancy) you will be more likely to get them as the dermis layer of your skin breaks.

What If I Develop Stretch Marks in Pregnancy?

The best way to avoid them developing is to massage your skin daily with a specially formulated cream. Lotions such as Dermology are available in a free trial, allowing you to test the ways the natural ingredients help your skin to remain supple and stretch mark free. And remember – prevention is far better than cure.

However, try not to be disappointed if your best efforts fail and you still develop them on your body – most women will do. The severity will vary from woman to woman, and their appearance may cause a problem for some women over others.

Many women look at stretch marks/ pregnancy as something that’s natural, choosing to remember them positively rather than negatively. Remember that the color will gradually fade, so carry on using your stretch mark cream to reduce their appearance.

You can prevent or eliminate the effects of stretchmarks with a choice of safe stretchmark removal creams. I suffered stretch marks throughout both of my pregnancies and afterwards. I created my blog to help people like you (and me) to discover the best stretchmark removal stretchmark removal products available.

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