Things That Will Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Many women say that it is hard to know what to do while they are pregnant, but you need to remember and to remain positive. Stay positive, but also learn everything possible to help your pregnancy along. The information in this article should help you as you look for ways to make your pregnancy easier and more enjoyable.

Create a bedtime routine in order to improve your sleeping schedule when pregnant. If you can follow a consistent bedtime routine, then your body will learn that bedtime is near. This should ease the process of falling asleep. Relaxing things, such as a book, a warm bath or a massage, can be very conducive to sleep.

Maintaining an exercise routine that is safe for pregnant women is an important part of the healthy steps you should take during pregnancy. Light to moderate exercise, that does not overly stress your body, can help you have a shorter labor and lose your baby weight quickly after delivery.

You should learn about the signs of early labor and when to call the doctor. Hopefully, you will not have to use this information. That said, it might be a lifesaver if the need should arise. The sooner you take action against preterm labor, the greater your chances of a safe and healthy delivery.

Do not be scared to ask for help with lifting things when you are a pregnant. By lifting heavy objects, you could have a miscarriage, stress out your baby and cause back strains or pains. It is best to err on the side of caution and ask for help with anything that is heavy.

During your pregnancy, you must not neglect your partner. Your spouse with be just as anxious and excited about the baby, so be sure to include them in them in the planning. Even simple pleasures like a walk, or a good movie can be quite relaxing. Enjoy time together before the baby comes!

Keep bland foods at hand, such as toast and crackers, when you are pregnant. This helps protect against common pregnancy problems like vomiting and nausea. Make sure to avoid foods with a high acid or grease content; these types of foods can often trigger nausea and/or heartburn.

Cat Litter

Be sure not to tend to cat litter when you are pregnant. Cat litter shouldn’t be handled because of the risk of toxoplasmosis. Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, and if you become infected, it can be passed to your unborn child, resulting in possible birth defects, miscarriage or stillbirth.

The later months of pregnancy are known for leg cramping. Be sure to stretch prior to retiring for the night, and you are sure to experience fewer cramps. A high intake of fluids, particularly water, will also help keep cramps away, but make sure to drink water throughout the day, rather than right before bed, in order to prevent frequent wakings related to a full bladder.

If you experiences diarrhea during your pregnancy, be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of fluids. Dehydration in pregnant women is particularly concerning, because it can affect her baby and she may need intravenous fluids.

When traveling pregnant, make sure medical care is always not far away. You should always be close enough to a qualified doctor or hospital in case a complication arises or you have an immediate need of any sort. Also, never travel without having a phone handy.

Once you enter your third trimester, do a daily belly massage. First, prop some pillows up behind your back, then sit comfortably on a sofa or bed. Instead of lotion, apply oil onto your belly, and massage lightly. Play relaxing music and breathe deeply when massaging. This keeps you calm and has positive effects on the baby.

The way to understand your feelings and expectations about birth is to write a birth plan. You could jot down what preference in music or lighting you might have and a number of other things that can increase comfort, security and relaxation when it comes time to give birth. It might be lengthy, or even quite brief.

If you are keeping a positive attitude and trying to make good choices, you will probably be just fine. That said, learning is a key part of the process. There’s another life on the line, so you do want to make sure you are informed. Apply what you’ve learned and seek new knowledge. Doing these things makes it likely that your pregnancy will be uneventful.

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