Tips On Being Healthy While You Are Expecting

Some aspects of pregnancy that affect you negatively are stress, cravings, hormones, and body aches. The following tips will help you face these issues head-on and let you focus on staying happy and healthy during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a blessing, so use these suggestions to help you enjoy it.

While pregnant you need good sleep. A consistent routine helps prepare your body for sleep, making it easier to go to sleep when it’s time. Consider soothing rituals like an evening massage, warm bath or light bedtime reading.

You probably need to change your diet. If you are a fast food eater, then it’s best that you change your diet to something that is much healthier as soon as possible. Instead, chow down on healthy, fresh vegetables and fruits, and incorporate more lean protein into meals.

Keep your regular dentist appointments when pregnant. Pregnancy is actually known to cause many dental problems, including gingivitis. Maintain good oral hygiene, brushing at least twice daily and flossing regularly. You may want to supplement this routine with mouthwash. Talk to your dentist immediately about any issues.

Someone Else

Have someone else fill your car with gas when you are expecting. The fumes can be dangerous for your fetus. You might as well just get someone else to do it than risk it.

It is normal to be excited about preparing a nursery for an incoming baby. Just be sure that when you’re pregnant that you don’t hang around while the room is being painted. Ventilate the room and keep your windows open at all times if you are painting. Better yet, ask your family members or friends to do it for you.

Log your daily food intake. This will help you keep track of your nutritional intake. This can be presented to your doctor as well, to make sure you are on the right course.

Have your hospital bags packed well in advance of giving birth. If you leave it to the last minute, you may find yourself in hospital with no personal belongings on hand. Your insurance cards, your birth plan and your camera with extra batteries should be packed in your bag.

Reading stories about birthing experiences, often found online, can help to prepare you when your turn comes. Clinical descriptions have their place, but actual birth stories are much more gripping and real. Read a few different stories and you should feel a little calmer and more prepared for the big event.

Say no to exorbitant amounts of food! You should keep your calories high but don’t start eating constantly. If you do not want to eat when offered, simply thank your gracious host and bow out.

Talk to your unborn child every day. It has been proven that babies are able to sense a human’s touch from as early as 10 weeks into gestation. Shortly after that, the growing child can begin to discern your voice and respond to light. Talking to your baby helps form your bond with him.

Get in the habit of doing belly massages starting around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Sit back on a bed or couch, with a few pillows supporting your back, rather than lying flat. Instead of using lotion, put oil on your belly and rub while applying light pressure. Relax as much as you can. Breathe slowly and deeply and listen to your favorite music. Doing these things maintains your calm and soothes your baby.

During pregnancy, avoid drinking alcohol. Like most other items a pregnant woman eats or drinks, the fetus receives some of the alcohol an expectant mother consumes. Therefore, when pregnant or when trying to get pregnant, it is advisable you refrain from alcohol. Consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant can cause mental and physical birth defects as well as making it more likely that miscarriage or premature birth will occur.

Don’t sit in one position for long stretches. Swollen ankles and feet are common among pregnant women, especially at the end of a long day. This is usually because of strain on the lower body’s circulation. Swelling may also occur when you sit for too long in any one position. To get rid of the swelling, lay on the left side when falling asleep, soak your feet, do not wear tight socks and don’t cross the ankles.

The advice offered here can help you have a happier and healthier pregnancy. There are some negative aspects of pregnancy, but the good times are the ones that most women remember and cherish. To get the most out of the time you spend carrying your child, use the tips that were mentioned in this article to keep things positive and healthy.

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