Your Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Pregnancy is something that is sensitive, make sure you are informed of how to have a healthy one! Learning everything you can, whether through friends, family, or articles such as this one, can help ensure you make it through your pregnancy with ease. Read the tips here to help make your pregnancy go a little smoother.

Try not to gain a lot of weight while you are pregnant. If you gain more weight than is recommended during pregnancy, it is even harder to get rid of. As a guideline, a woman of average height should gain no more than 15-30 pounds during the course of her pregnancy.

Always use sunscreen when pregnant. Tanning beds should also be avoided. The hormones that occur because of your pregnancy will make it easier to get sun damage. Also, you want to look over the ingredients of the sunscreen you’re putting on, and make sure the chemicals aren’t harmful to your baby.

Don’t touch your cat’s litter box after becoming pregnant! The chemicals found in litter and cat feces can be harmful to pregnant women. Have someone else clean it, like a spouse, neighbor, or friend.

Women who are constipated while pregnant should consume more fiber in their diet. Pregnancy hormones are often responsible for constipation. Not only is constipation uncomfortable, it can lead to gastrointestinal issues for a woman who is pregnant.

Don’t hesitate to ask someone for help with picking up heavy items if you’re pregnant. By lifting heavy objects, you could have a miscarriage, stress out your baby and cause back strains or pains. Even if the object does not seem too heavy, have others lift it for you.

When you are expecting a baby, pay some attention to your partner. While you are nervous and experiencing discomfort, your partner requires reassurance as well. Spend time together by going to the movies or taking a walk. Get the most out of your time together before your baby arrives.

Giving in to food cravings, that you experience when you’re pregnant, isn’t always a good idea. Your developing child, just like you, has certain nutritional needs. Eating every little thing you want will fulfill your personal food craving, but may not be the healthy food that your unborn child needs.

If you want to travel during your pregnancy, make sure you will easily have access to good medical care. If any complications arise, you will want to be near a doctor. Always have a cell phone with you no matter where you go.

Pregnant women should invest in a good sports bra. They support your breasts as they swell with milk and help to relieve back pain. Also, wear loose fitting panties and pants that are not restrictive around the waist. If your underwear presses too tightly against your waist, it is not only uncomfortable for you, but can be dangerous for your baby, as he/she may not be able to get enough oxygen.

Always take a prenatal class to learn everything about childbirth. Sign up early on to ensure you get a space. Breastfeeding classes are another great idea. These classes will give you confidence as you proceed through your pregnancy.

To decrease joint swelling and inflammation while pregnant, mothers should avoid sitting down for too long. Pregnancy can make an expectant mother’s feet and ankles swell. Swelling occurs because lack of circulation occurs to the lower half of the body while sitting. Swelling gets pronounced when you sit for a long while, such as at your desk or in your car. To cut down on swelling, sleep on your body’s left side, use cold water for foot soaking, eschew tightly banded socks and don’t cross your legs around your ankles when seated.

To help ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy, take an HIV test. If there is any chance you could be HIV positive, it is better to know so you can prevent it causing harm to your baby. Also, you can find certain medical professionals that have extensive HIV knowledge.

A birth plan is a great way to help you get your feelings, expectations, and fears about the birthing process down in writing. Talk about everything that you enjoy, so that you can feel at ease as the process wears on. This can be as vague or meticulously detailed as you want it to be.

You may have some swelling when you are expecting a baby. Try to lessen the amount of salt you eat.

If you suffer from mood swings while you’re pregnant, yoga or meditation can be beneficial. These techniques will help stabilize both your mind and body. If your significant other is stressed too, you should ask them to go to these classes with you.

Folic Acid

Take your prenatal supplements with folic acid! Be sure to get at least 600 mg of folic acid each day to prevent birth defects. Try getting 400mg every day prior to becoming pregnant to help your body prepare.

The tips here will hopefully make your pregnancy trouble-free. Keep a positive outlook and understand that there will be some rough days. Be sure you practice healthy habits that keep your stress under control during your pregnancy.

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